The African Women Inter-cultural Dialogue 2018

25th September 2018 International Women Center Abuja 9:am

The African Women Intercultural dialogue discuss and investigate intercultural and trans-cultural practices that limits the participatory abilities of women in national and human developmental projects, as well as acts and social arrangements that condones all forms of violence against women in the larger social structure. The holistic and long-term aim is to provide a policy briefing platform for cognitive reflection and deliberation amongst leaders of thoughts in various fields- targeted at generating a blueprint to review and re-think socially transmitted beliefs, knowledge, customs, skills, attitudes, languages that weakens the socio-capital values of women in Nigeria and Africa and to preserving positive cultural norms as well as benefiting from comparative insights between cultures in its ever continuous evolution. The theme of this year’s AWID is -Calling African Women, Policy makers & influencers to Action against social realities aiding women trafficking and intellectual drain. This theme allows independent research and field contributions on these realities and it is aimed at generating a trans-conceptual outlook that meets the complex nature of this problem in an era of information and disinformation.

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Expected to enrich the audience are concerned citizens and leaders of social institutions like labour unions, religious organisations, civic society leaders, leaders of market women associations, social activists, African first ladies, Women in politics and country representatives of International development organisations that works in the field of gender, culture and child rights, cultural leaders from different regions in Africa and beyond , young women in school and business and youths from the 5 regions of the African continent.


The envisaged report from the event outcome is to be published and made available to the public, social institutions and Government ministries for cultural policy development in order to trigger a subconscious change in our socio-cultural behaviours so we can obtain cohesive harmony and social justice in our urban and rural communities.

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