Academic Conference

ACADEMIC CONFERENCE; Gender, Culture and Total Social inclusion of the African girl child and woman Academic Conference

Accra Ghana 6-8 March 2017

This Seminar is geared towards empowering teachers, junior and senior lecturers in tertiary institutions, Leaders of corporate and civil organizations and directors of mass media corporations, social media entrepreneurs with the right information and their roles in propagating the gender equity consciousness in the society, empower these and more opinion molders in our society on ways and means to combat gender inequality. Courses like Media and Information Literacy, Culture and Underdevelopment and more will be handled by professors in the relevant fields accompanied with a Certificate of Participation from All Africa Media Network and Society For Social Right and Civic Literacy and Leadership development foundation for Civic Literacy and free participation at the African Women Intercultural Dialogue on March 8 at Accra International Conference Center.

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Day 1

9AM - 11.30AM - Media & Information Literacy (UNESCO Lecture Module)

11.30AM - 12.00PM - Lunch Break

12.10PM - 2.40PM - Media & Information Literacy (UNESCO Lecture Module)

2.40PM- 3.30PM - Assessment


9AM - 10AM - Women’s role in economic development: Overcoming the constraints

10AM - 11AM - Gender equity, Female Empowerment and social inclusion

11PM - 12PM - The Role of culture in advancing women's empowerment

12PM - 1PM - Lunch Break

1PM - 3PM - Strategy for equity between women and men


10AM - 12PM - Violence against women in Africa main features and recent trends

12PM - 1PM - Lunch Break

1PM - 3.30PM - Creating an Inclusive Society: Practical Strategies to Promote Social Integration

Participants in this seminar obtains special guest status at African Women Intercultural Dialogue

Interested participants should contact

Office +233 (0)303 975661

Mob - +233 5569 22965


Prof Phillip Ogbonna delivering his lecture on Socio-political persuasion in Africa the way forward

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